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Step:1 Select Item
citumor.patien_idTMR from ci county.admission number
citumor.path_idTMR from ci county.pathology number
citumor.endoscope_idTMR from ci county.endoscope number
citumor.nameTMR from ci
citumor.genderTMR from ci county.gender
citumor.birthdayTMR from ci county.birthday
citumor.ageTMR from ci county.age
citumor.weddingTMR from ci status
citumor.jobTMR from ci county.job
citumor.raceTMR from ci county.race
citumor.id_cardTMR from ci county.identity number
citumor.addressTMR from ci county.address
citumor.office_addressTMR from ci address
citumor.telephoneTMR from ci county.telephone
citumor.fmhTMR from ci medical history
citumor.smokeTMR from ci county.smoke
citumor.smoke_quotaTMR from ci county.smoke quota
citumor.smoke_yearsTMR from ci county.smoke years
citumor.drinkingTMR from ci county.drinking
citumor.drinking_quotaTMR from ci county.drinking quota
citumor.drink_yearsTMR from ci county.drink years
citumor.admiss_timeTMR from ci county.admission time
citumor.divisionTMR from ci county.admission division
citumor.admiss_diagTMR from ci county.admission diagnose
citumor.discharge_diagTMR from ci county.discharge diagnose
citumor.other_diagTMR from ci county.other diagnose
citumor.discharge_timeTMR from ci county.discharge time
citumor.discharge_statusTMR from ci county.discharge status
citumor.clinical_stageTMR from ci county.clinical stage
citumor.diag_gistTMR from ci county.diagnose gist
citumor.path_diagTMR from ci county.pathological diagnose
citumor.path_typeTMR from ci county.pathological type
citumor.icd10TMR from ci county.icd10
citumor.post_oper_stumpTMR from ci stump
citumor.infiltrat_transTMR from ci county.infiltrate transmission
citumor.moduls_operTMR from ci county.modus operandi
citumor.oper_timeTMR from ci county.operation time
citumor.chems_programTMR from ci county.chems program
citumor.causesTMR from ci county.causes
citumor.rad_programTMR from ci county.radiation program
citumor.start_timeTMR from ci county.start time
citumor.end_timeTMR from ci county.end time
citumor.follow_timeTMR from ci county.followup time
citumor.follow_resultTMR from ci county.followup result
citumor.other_noteTMR from ci county.other note

Step:2 Input Condition

Step:3 Fields of sort

Step:4 Fields of group

Step:5 Input Limit of Record

Step:6 Input Offset