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Cancer Institute and Hospital (CIH),Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences(CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College(PUMC) is located at the southeast of Beijing beside the Longtan Lake. It was founded in 1958 and the former name was Ritan Hospital. Under the concern of late Premier Zhou En-lai, it was moved to modern buildings and the present name came to use in 1983. As the center of national cancer prevention and treatment, the hospital is the largest center in Asia, one of the WHO Collaborative centers for Cancer Research in China, and one of Bases for Drug Clinical Trial of State Drug Administration(SDA). In order to integrate cancer scientific research, medical care and education, the research emphasis of the CIH lies on the cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. In 1996 the Ministry of Public Health appraised it as the first grade hospital.

CIH is a state-level hospital with comprehensive oncology departments, strong technical force and advanced medical equipment. Major treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological therapy, Intervenient therapy, and laser therapy. Diagnosis and curative results of some tumors such as esophagus cancer, lung cancer, hepatoma and lymphoma are at the head of state level, even, among up to international level. There are 12 clinical departments such as departments of medical oncology, head and neck surgery, radiation oncology, etc. and 11 auxiliary departments, such as departments of imagine diagnosis, nuclear medicine, clinical pathology and clinical laboratory, etc. It is equipped with more than 800sets of medical equipment, such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Digital Subtractive Angiographies Machine (DSA),Automatic Blood Biochemical Analyzer, Magnetic Resonance Instrument (MRI),Radio-Frequency hyperthermia device, Flow Cytometry Analyzer and Linear Accelerator for Radiotherapy etc. Special-service wards are comfortable equipped, carefully diagnosis and treatments are given by famous experts, the hospital also give priority to foreign patients and overseas compatriots. The hospital can accommodate about 840 patients now, with an annual inpatient load of about 10,OOO and outpatient of about 240,000.There are more than 1,400employees including 204professors and associate professors. There are two academic Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, two academic Members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Sixty-eight persons have been awarded the state special allowance.

CIH is also an important base of cancer education. it takes up oncology teaching for PUMC with eight-year schooling and in-service teaching for medical personnel from other provincial hospitals. In the hospital there are one post-doctoral program, 9 specialties for master-degree with 131tutors and 6spedames for doctor degree with 31 tutors. Since1958,24 post-doctoral,214 doctors,393 masters and 3400in-service training doctors have finished studying here.

CIH has strong research force with 1national key Lab of Molecular Oncology, 4 basic research departments, 3 clinic lab and central lab, animal lab. In the past 40 years, CIH has achieved 140 science and technology awards, among them,58 percent are at the National-level and Ministry-level awards. The field research on prevention and treatment of esophageal cancer was credited as one of the ten greatest science and te chnological achievements of state level in1995.

CIH is also a national center for academic exchanges. The National Cancer Research and Control Office(NCRCO)and China National Oncology Examination Center affiliated to the Ministry of Public Health , the Chinese Cancer Research Foundation, Chinese Society Of Clinical Oncology(CSCO),the Editorial Offices of “Chinese Journal of Oncology" and “Chinese Journal of Radiation Oncology” are all attached in CIH.

CIH enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad, It has conducted academic exchanges in many fields and through various channels with other countries such as America, U.K., Japan, France and so on. Nowadays, under the hospital motto of "uniting, devotion, hard working, creative”,all people in CIH are working hard to serve the patients efficiently with heart and soul.

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